Without you…

Without each individual drop of water there would be no puddles, no streams, no rivers, no ocean, no life. You may feel as significant as a drop in the ocean, but without you we are nothing.

The year ahead…

I think there is little doubt that the economy is slowing.  Christmas spending, and therefore transport volumes, where very late. Figures just out from show that Retail EFTPOS transactions are down in January. Add to that an election year and high fuel and interest rates and it can only but slow down. This is further … More The year ahead…

Follow the leader

It is interesting as I look back over my life how many leaders I learnt from: From Glyn I learnt a habit of purposefully saying Good Morning. From Dave I learnt the importance of structured sales calls. From Jeff I learnt heaps about strategic thought. From Bruce I learnt about the importance of process and … More Follow the leader

Family Flying

Took the whole family flying for the first time Saturday. We flew from Hamilton to Tauranga, took Mun and Dad for a fly, then flew back. My Son is under 4 so sat with a lap belt on his mums knee. This meant we had 5 people on board (POB) in a four 4 seater … More Family Flying


A hundred years from now it will not matterWhat your bank account was,The sort of house you I lived inOr the kind of car you droveBut the world may be differentBecause you were important in the life of a child' – Anon

US marines debrief questions

– What was our intent?– What actually happened?– Why did that happen?– What can we learn from those events?– What actions should we take now in prepartion for the future, similar events? Extraordinary leader pg 218