What is my Holy Discontent? What is it that I am placed on this planet to achieve? Not why do I exist; I know that, rather what I’m going to be known for.

I found myself asking questions like the ones above a couple of times in the last week. The first was at a funeral I attended last week. They lady who had died was a lovely lady and raised two great sons on her own after her husband died. They said she was caring and loving and kind and generous.

As I considered these things I was reminded again that they are attributes I really want to have. But, for me personally, they are not enough. I really want to make an impact on this world or more specifically this region. OK well maybe a significant dent.

The second time was on the flight to Melbourne. I listened to an audio book of Holy Discontent by Bill Hybels. In the book he asks what is it you bugs you the most? What really annoys you? What lights a fire in your belly that you can’t ignore? As I consider these things there are a few things I know a few things for sure.

I know it includes agoge, but that agoge is a means not an end.

I know that it is not about me.

I know that it is about people reaching their full potential, leadership I guess.

I know that my heart aches for justice and mercy and those in poverty.

I know even now my hard work is preparation for the cause.

I know I will give my time and money and energy.

I don’t know yet exactly how it all comes together, but I am also confident that it is a work in progress and in time it will be revealed. I think it has to do with showing, enabling and equipping people to make a difference without giving up their day jobs, but by doing more than just sending a cheque.