It’s called a moment.

And it often only lasts an instant.

Its defined as “an indefinitely short period of time.”

a moment.

Recently I had a moment. A time where I sat down and thought about some of the things I want to try and fit into a week. Good things generally. Things that I know will make me, by my own high expectations, a better human.

A better leader. Dad. Husband. Friend. Things that will help me to impact the world I live in more positively.

Things like journaling; which for me is a blend of slowing down and spiritual growth.

Or exercise: which relieves stress, fills my lungs with fresh air and generally makes me more productive.

Or reading; which challenges my thinking, sharpens me, keeps me at the edge and ahead of my team.

Finally writing; I have this desire to learn to write creatively, passionately and evocatively.

Now what I realised in this moment was two things. Firstly each of these things takes between 3 and 4 hours a week to do them well. That’s 12 – 16 hours a week before I start work or spend time with family or fly planes or anything. No wonder I never fit it all in.

Secondly I realised that I have never really nailed down which of these I am really passionate about and built a strong resolve to do them. The result is that they all happen sporadically, just like this blog.

I know I need to resolve to change things, but I haven’t. If I am not careful another 6 months will pass before I have another … moment.

I hope not.