Imagine living in Iraq at the moment. Imagine going to the markets and always having to scan the people around you, always wondering if that guy is the next suicide bomber.

NZ Herald

Think for a moment about the shock and outrage as news filters around the city of another 200 people being killed in your city that day.

500 people in your country this week!

Over 62000 people since America arrived!

You have already had more than a few of your friends and family die or been injured.

‘We are ‘fighting terrorism’ in Iraq, that is why we are there, said Tony Blair this week. This story has changed so many times: first we were removing the WMD threat, then we were removing a dictator, then we were bringing democracy and free elections, and now we are fighting terrorism. ‘It is a worthy cause,’ echoed Dick Cheney.’ ^

How would you feel about Tony Blair “fighting terrorism’ for you?

How would you feel if you found out that the media in a small country in New Zealand found the ruthless, unnecessary and sad death of 33 Americans 4 days ago more important that 200 people in your city today? The 200 people dieing was the third news story in and only made it to that slot because it was one of the bloodiest days in months.

What the media reports is in direct response to what we want to see. We want to know about the US shootings, just as people would if it happened here. ‘The shootings happened in a free country’ we resonate, ‘What happens in Iraq is sad, but that’s what happens in the Middle East.’

How would you feel if you lived in Iraq?

Did you choose to get born in Iraq?

Did you choose to have America invade?

Did you choose to have an ill-equipped police force and poor intelligence that cant stop the bombings?

Wouldn’t you long for the freedom and the life you once knew?

How would you feel?

Implication: It blows my mind how insensitive we have become to real issues in the world. It appals me. But I don’t know what I can do about it.