258 |365 Success fades

Went in search for the Addington Coffee Co-op, took a wrong turn and ended up driving past the old abandoned Wood Bros flour mill. A quick google search reveals “The mill opened in 1891 and was powered by steam, lit by electricity and serviced by the railway line next door. The storage buildings pictured here … More 258 |365 Success fades

Royal Albatross Centre

While down south Karina & I visited the Royal Albatross Centre. I was blown away by two things. 1) The distance and speed these birds fly. One Bird calked Toroa (with GPS tracking) flew from Dunedin to South America. Top speed 109 km per hour, and did 1020km in one day. 2) The rubbish that … More Royal Albatross Centre

Melbourne Day 1

Got into Melbourne around 6pm on Sunday night. Immediately I noticed the infrastructure. They actually have a motorway that goes from the airport to the city without have to drive through the suburbs, unlike Auckland! Secondly I noticed the architecture, both old and modern. It is astounding and visually cool. Yesterday I caught the train … More Melbourne Day 1