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Why you should start traveling light

Suitcases - Travel LightAs hard as it is for me to admit, the very first time I ever flew I packed … my pillow!

I was in my twenties when I first flew on a plane and my employer sent me to Christchurch for a night to help out with Health & Safety. So being the first time I had ever packed for a plane flight, I packed like I was touring around the country again by road. I grabbed the one massive suitcase I owned and filled it with everything I might need.

Business pants and shirts … and extra pants and shirts just in case. Casual clothes x 2 … just in case. Pretty much I packed two of everything, just in case, and even after packing two of everything I still had room for my comfortable perfectly sized pillow.

Nowadays … wow things have changed. Long gone are the days of packing a pillow and I can travel for a week or more with carry-on luggage. I have learnt that if you want to travel light you need to take a lot less stuff and you need to have a small bag. One needs to relentlessly remove all extra this, the emergency that, and then in some cases remove things you really think you will need.

As you might have guessed this post has a double meaning.

Firstly, you should travel light, you seriously should. Carry on only. You might actually enjoy it and its unlikely you will be missing anything.

And, I’m starting to see that we have a heap of extra things in our lives, both home and work. We need to get rid of all those things that we really don’t need, and all that stuff that we have just in case.

Maybe we should get rid of anything that isn’t



or joyful.

I bet we have a lot of stuff in our homes and offices that doesn’t fit that criteria.

An interesting change occurs when you try to travel light. You don’t want to go back and you tend to travel lighter and lighter, whereas before I would try to take more and more.

I wonder if it’s not the same with our things. The more we have the more we want, and maybe if we started reducing what we have… we would become more satisfied with what we’ve got.

258 |365 Success fades

Day258.jpgWent in search for the Addington Coffee Co-op, took a wrong turn and ended up driving past the old abandoned Wood Bros flour mill. A quick google search reveals “The mill opened in 1891 and was powered by steam, lit by electricity and serviced by the railway line next door. The storage buildings pictured here were built in 1924. By 1936 it had the largest output of flour in the South Island. In 1970 Wood Bros Limited sold the mill complex”.
Wood bros no longer exists as a company.
It’s a reminder that even the most successful companies of their era, like the people who run them, will eventually fade away.

168 | 365 – Almost home

Day168.jpgTo have a home, a real home, a safe home, a loving home, is there any sweeter thing?
Home is a place, but not the building. Home is the people, the laughter, the sadness, the exciting and the mundane.
At home you are best known and best cared for.
And yet for many many people in New Zealand don’t have a home. They have a place they call home, a roof over their heads. But it is not a home, certainly not in the sweetest sense of the word.
I flew to Christchurch yesterday morning for meetings, was scheduled to get home at 8:30pm last night. By lunch time our meetings were done, and Tere graciously dropped me at the airport and I caught the last direct afternoon flight.
I was home for dinner, home to chat with my kids. I was tired as it has been a very busy last 7 days. But I was home.
There is no sweeter thing.
168 | 365 – This is a shot of the Q300 as we turn onto finals over the Waikato River to land home in Hamilton.

Royal Albatross Centre

While down south Karina & I visited the Royal Albatross Centre.

I was blown away by two things.

1) The distance and speed these birds fly. One Bird calked Toroa (with GPS tracking) flew from Dunedin to South America. Top speed 109 km per hour, and did 1020km in one day.

2) The rubbish that is in our oceans. Picture one is taken of a dead Albatross chick that was found, and the rubbish in its gut. Picture 2 is the rubbish arranged in a mural. (click to enlarge images)

Mural_chick_1 Mural_chick_2

Thanks to Kate at the Royal Albatross Centre for the picture of the Albatross Chick.

Excess baggage here I come – Melbourne Day 2

MelbourneobdeckWent exploring this fine city, caught a wrong train, missed a bus and walked for about an hour. Oh well. The buses trains and trams are an amazing network. I suspect if you know where you are going rather than just following your nose they would work a heap better as well.

Late yesterday afternoon I went to the Melbourne Observation Deck (tallest building in Australia). Stunning views and a beautiful day. And I finally worked out which way North is so I will do heaps better today.

Oh and I brought some books. 22 of them in fact (15 for me). I was worried at one point that they might have to physically remove me at closing time.

I know 15 books sounds excessive, but they are books you simply don’t find in NZ and I am not here often.

Today I have a rental car and am going to the freight expo. I ran out of time to get to an automated sorting depot yesterday.

Melbourne Day 1

Got into Melbourne around 6pm on Sunday night. Immediately I noticed the infrastructure. They actually have a motorway that goes from the airport to the city without have to drive through the suburbs, unlike Auckland!

Secondly I noticed the architecture, both old and modern. It is astounding and visually cool.

Yesterday I caught the train to Caulfield and spent the whole day at the careers day at Freight week so haven’t really explored yet.   

Then last night went and found some dinner and a Music shop that was open late. I couldn’t help myself I brought some old music that I have been missing for years I am a CD and MP3 boy now and have no mechanism for playing tapes and dear I say it records that I own. Dire Straights (I think I originally brought this album in the form of a record), Howard Jones, Crowded House and Lighthouse family.

I listen to Dire Straights as I type. It’s been a while.

Today is a day off so I am off to explore this fine city in day light. I am hopefully going to con my way into a transport business with automated sorting (geeky logistics thing). I will I am sure buy some books and drink much coffee.