263 |365 Pegs

Simple in design. Functional in use. Cheap to produce and meets the users requirements.   My experience with IT projects over the years is that they generally lack these basic requirements. We could learn a lot from pegs.  


This is quite handy. Either had to provide your email addy to a website to register software or download a document. If you are like me and are keen to avoid spam you will really reluctant to do this. Pookmail.com is the answer. Go to the website. Use an email address like billybob@pookmail.com and your … More Pookmail.com

RFID tags

There are a lot more issues for supply chain companies that are looking at implementing RFID into their process than just the cost of the tag. They need to consider investment in technology, current system integration, and the bandwidth to handle huge volumes of tags in one spot (like a truck driving through a entrance, … More RFID tags

The Google Story

Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google as a research project while studying at Standford University. From there they have grow Google into a worldwide household name and one of the largest companies (by market value, not revenue or employees) in the world. The Google story follows the incredible rise of the company, its culture … More The Google Story

What if apple did a phone?

They are going to and it is called iPhone. This is going to be a cool device. It combines a PDA, iPod & Phone into one. Super Hi-Res touch screen. This is one sexy little device. Will be released in US in June and probably not here until next year. [Hat tip: Rod Drury]