174 | 365 – Coal Wagons

Back in the New Zealand Rail days, the Railways thought they were in the railway business. They thought they had no competition and they were wrong. They were actually in the transportation business and their competitors were trucking companies. For passengers the competition was bus companies and then airlines.   In business, knowing what business … More 174 | 365 – Coal Wagons


Recently I flew on Pacific Blue for the first time.  As it was my first flight I had expectations. Big Ones. Cool crew, more seat room, modern planes. It was to be an adventure. On my first flight the crew were dull, boring and lifeless. Their attempts at humour were staged and had as much … More Expectations

People Matter

“Is this Mr Nicol”, asked the telesales person who interrupted my life shortly after I arrived home tonight. I answered “Yep”, which was followed by a very ungenuine “How are you?” I know it was ungenuine because I never actually got the chance to answer before she launched into her sales talk. She talked for … More People Matter

Customer Expectations

How often do NZ Businesses and sales people deliver a completely different service to the customers expectation. Check out these images. (Hat tip to Mark Q)    

What Origin Pacific lacked

It has been said 'The best way to make a small fortune in aviation is to start with a huge one'. I am sure that Mike Pero might have personally learnt this lesson after sinking $10 million into Origin Pacific. The full-blown disintegration of Origin Pacific last week, confirmed New Zealand’s domestic aviation market has … More What Origin Pacific lacked