271 |365 Model Employee?

This is Puss in boots and one of my kids stuffed toys. You squeeze it and it says statements like “No problemo boss” “I thought you just said we were done doin things the stupid way” “You have engaged my valuable services” And appropriate for the day of the photo “I hate Mondays”

263 |365 Pegs

Simple in design. Functional in use. Cheap to produce and meets the users requirements.   My experience with IT projects over the years is that they generally lack these basic requirements. We could learn a lot from pegs.  

262 | 365 Super Coach

Last year I coached my daughter’s 8-a-side hockey team and I thought I did a half decent job given I had absolutely no knowledge of hockey prior to becoming coach.   This year her team has two very talented and very experienced coaches, Neil and John, who have played, coached and lead hockey for years. … More 262 | 365 Super Coach

260 |365 A New Day

Not every sunrise will be as beautiful as this one.   Not every day will be the best day of your life.   But today is a new day.   Seize it!   Make the change you have always wanted to make, even if it’s only for today. And if you fail… tomorrow is a … More 260 |365 A New Day

259 | 365 Wiping Out

Sometimes in life we see opportunity coming like a wave of success. Like surfing we seize the moment, drop-in and catch the wave. We are stoked because the ride is exhilarating and for that moment we feel like we have found our sweet spot.   Without warning, the wave changes and we wipeout as it … More 259 | 365 Wiping Out

258 |365 Success fades

Went in search for the Addington Coffee Co-op, took a wrong turn and ended up driving past the old abandoned Wood Bros flour mill. A quick google search reveals “The mill opened in 1891 and was powered by steam, lit by electricity and serviced by the railway line next door. The storage buildings pictured here … More 258 |365 Success fades

253 |365 Waiting

Waiting for a response can be like watching a clock slowly tick the seconds by. It can be frustrating and annoying when action is not happening. We can feel like we are wasting precious minutes, hours and days.   At the moment I am waiting on a person to enable me to take the next … More 253 |365 Waiting

251 | 365 Winter has arrived

It’s winter. The 1st of June brings the official change in season, then the season lives up to its reputation and delivers rain.   With the darker days comes much difficulty and a lack of energy for my 365 project. 251 days down, 115 to go.

243 |365 Just in Case

Was thinking the other day about things we own just in case we need them. A fire extinguisher is an extreme example. They hang around looking all red and waiting for its big moment that we hope will never come.   But that’s at the office surely we don’t have ‘just in case’ things at … More 243 |365 Just in Case