‘Kinstugi’ the art of turning Brokenness into Beauty.

‘Kinstugi’ is the Japanese word that describes the art of repairing broken ceramics with gold. This art form is wonderful in the way it takes something that is broken, destined to be rubbish. And restores it. With gold ! Once repaired, it is considered more beautiful for having been broken. ∴ Often brokenness from our … More ‘Kinstugi’ the art of turning Brokenness into Beauty.

The hidden power of belief

I was reading a study where people were given the opportunity to buy the exact same pain-killer, but packaged in different ways and costing different amounts of money. They then followed up to see which drugs worked more effectively, and discovered that the more expensive the drug, the better people ‘believed’ it worked. Think about … More The hidden power of belief