And you prepare for the worst. And hope for the best.

Far above the ocean, an engine bigger than a large car suddenly disintegrates blasting shrapnel and metal in all directions. The shrapnel punches holes in the world’s largest passenger jet's wing, damages flaps, causes fuel to spew from the plane and degrades 2 of the remaining 3 engines. In quick succession an unprecedented 54 alarms … More And you prepare for the worst. And hope for the best.

189 | 365 In Awe

For as far as the eye could see low bulbous cloud covered the country and out beyond the sea to the horizon. The sun creeps up to the skyline as the earths revolution enables the break of a new day. The darkness of the night sky fades to blue then to burning bright yellows that … More 189 | 365 In Awe

Danger alright…

Now that I have my pilots licence for planes, I have started thinking about how inconvenient they are. A helicopter would be so much better. I could drop into the vacant land next to agóge HQ. It would be great. Well on Friday a Robinson R44 dropped into our neighbours CKL. It encapsulated all of … More Danger alright…

Family Flying

Took the whole family flying for the first time Saturday. We flew from Hamilton to Tauranga, took Mun and Dad for a fly, then flew back. My Son is under 4 so sat with a lap belt on his mums knee. This meant we had 5 people on board (POB) in a four 4 seater … More Family Flying

Any landing you can walk away from is a good one…

… this one is particularly good. From the Herald yesterday Battered pilot Bob Robertson waits in shock for rescuers to cut him free from his plane after it disintegrated around him. The 34-year-old had a miraculous escape after his 1960s light plane lost power and crashed on to a motorway. Firefighters had to cut Bob … More Any landing you can walk away from is a good one…

A review of my blog

"In short I thought I would start shouting into the wind…" And with those words my blog began. Like most things in my life my blog has proven to be random, distracted thoughts. It comes and goes depending on my mood and has had three major changes to its look and feel. It will continue … More A review of my blog

Flying an Alpha 160A

"It is like climbing into a new car when you have been used to driving a car that is 25 years old." citied Roger (CFI) when I asked him about the new Alpha 160A (R2160) that the Waikato Aero Club has replaced the Cessna 152's with. A week or so later he is proven correct … More Flying an Alpha 160A

Fly by Wire

Boarding your plane and taking a seat next to an Air NZ pilot wouldn't excite most of you, but it was one of the most interesting flights I have taken. I sat next to Trevor an Airbus A320 captain and pilot trainer as he was being repositioned back to Auckland. Trevor has been flying for … More Fly by Wire