What do you do?

Oh, what do I do? Well “I run a business that provides training and recruitment services to the transport and logistics industry”. This has been my answer in the past and it is fair to say that usually stops the conversation dead. (As it turns out transport is boring and most people have no idea what … More What do you do?

258 |365 Success fades

Went in search for the Addington Coffee Co-op, took a wrong turn and ended up driving past the old abandoned Wood Bros flour mill. A quick google search reveals “The mill opened in 1891 and was powered by steam, lit by electricity and serviced by the railway line next door. The storage buildings pictured here … More 258 |365 Success fades

209|365 Leaving my mark

My signatures are funny things. For instance I have four scribbles I call a signature. I have my initials scribble, my ‘Andrew’ scribble, my general letter scribble and my bank scribble. The picture scribble is none of the above, but they are all different, all unreadable, but all my mark.   The use of signatures … More 209|365 Leaving my mark

175 | 365 Numbers

Numbers are a strange part of our business and society. Even if you’re not a ‘numbers person’ and hated math, you generally spend a significant amount of time dealing with numbers. When a baby is born the question straight after their name and sex is generally, ‘how heavy?’ From then on numbers are the measure … More 175 | 365 Numbers

VC: The ones that got away!

Bessemer Venture Partners is perhaps one of America's oldest venture capital firm, carrying on an unbroken practice of venture capital investing that stretches back to 1911. They have a "Anti-Portfolio" section on their website discussing some of the names they have passed on in the Venture Capital stage. Just small names like Apple, eBay, Fedex, … More VC: The ones that got away!

Setting up in Australia

Mainfreight today announced that they have conditionally sold Pan Orient Project Logistics business and its 75% interest in LEP (New Zealand and Australia) to global logistics company Agility Group for A$83 million. It is the last of the non core Owens businesses to be sold. The funds released from the sale will be used by … More Setting up in Australia

Failing 90% of the time

I read an interesting Scott Adams post today. In it he waxes lyrically for what feels like a day about all of his successes. Finally towards the end of what appears to be self-inflated dribble, he writes "To put all of this in context, and before you start to vomit at my bragging, I must … More Failing 90% of the time