180 | 365 Monday #1

I have this strange passionate love hate relationship with my Mondays. They are a day of meetings, a day of bouncing from one thing to another, a day of follow up, a day of setting new tasks. But, Mondays move us forward, keep us accountable, help us set priorities.   As a general rule, I … More 180 | 365 Monday #1

178 | 365 Art

When your kids are 3 they are all artists. Regardless of how recognisable their drawing is we encourage them over and over again as they mass-produce their drawings and scribbles and … art.   By 10 many kids will realise that they don’t draw as well as other kids and by the late teens, you … More 178 | 365 Art

176 | 365 Salt

Growing up in Tauranga you become accustom to salt water. You know the bitterness of its taste and feel the dryness of your skin after a day sailing. You see stains it leaves on the windows of your car, and the corrosive power of salt water to destroy objects over a period of time.   … More 176 | 365 Salt

175 | 365 Numbers

Numbers are a strange part of our business and society. Even if you’re not a ‘numbers person’ and hated math, you generally spend a significant amount of time dealing with numbers. When a baby is born the question straight after their name and sex is generally, ‘how heavy?’ From then on numbers are the measure … More 175 | 365 Numbers

174 | 365 – Coal Wagons

Back in the New Zealand Rail days, the Railways thought they were in the railway business. They thought they had no competition and they were wrong. They were actually in the transportation business and their competitors were trucking companies. For passengers the competition was bus companies and then airlines.   In business, knowing what business … More 174 | 365 – Coal Wagons

172 | 365 Hot Spots

Last year our business had a massive metaphorical blaze. The term fighting fires was a dramatic understatement as we fought to contain a major issue that caused people grief and cost a heap of money.   As I pondered this shot that I took of a big warehouse fire at Tristram Marine a couple of … More 172 | 365 Hot Spots

171 | 365 Oscar

And Oscar goes to … Jayden!   Chartwell Kindergarten have Oscar. He joined Chartwell in July 2009 and each weekend Oscar gets to go home with an exceptional kid. While Oscar is at home, he gets to go on all kinds of adventures and the families print photos and place them in Oscar’s diary.   … More 171 | 365 Oscar

170 | 365 Glocal

My ONE shirt was used as a map on a couple of occasions last night at Agora Goes Live. This is a shot of Octaves Ibounga and a couple of the team from Jerk Freaks (a jerk dance team), pointing towards their home countries of Congo and Egypt. The Jerk Freaks are part of our … More 170 | 365 Glocal