John Keys Speech

This is a part of John Keys speech yesterday. My father died when I was a young child. I do not remember him.I was raised, along with my sisters, by my mother, in a state house in Christchurch. Back then I thought I was poor and, by most standards, we were. As I grew up, … More John Keys Speech

The perfect cafe

I have blogged before about the interactive mocca that you buy from the 'Naked Grape' in Tauranga. Well, now I have found an interactive Muesli in Hamilton. It's a new cafe that opened in Te Rapa called AGIO, which is Italian for 'relax'. It does average coffee, but a great Muesli. Check out the photo … More The perfect cafe

Wasted Food.

By means of introduction, a gobblelygook is a device that sits in your sink, that you run water through and it mashes up the food into waste water. From there it is mixed with all sorts of waste water delights like #1’s and #2’s and other stuff and pumped to the sewage treatment plant. In … More Wasted Food.