Our view that the world is standing still, is wrong in every way.It took the entire history of mankind up to the 1800’s before the world reached a population of 1 billion people. Nowadays we add a billion people to the population every 13 years.

Until the early 1900’s our collective knowledge would double every century. By 2013 it was doubling every day. Soon it’s expected to double every 12 hours.

When my parents were children they couldn’t have dreamed of smartphones, and their grandparents didn’t dream of planes.  We are now more connected and mobile than any other time in history.

The world is changing.

It is moving forward at lightning speed.

Each day brings incredible change.

Our view that the world is standing still is wrong in every way.

We are time-travelers, and we would do best not to forget it.

The implication to our businesses, clubs, churches, governments and even families is gigantic.

Now more than ever “we’ve always done it this way” is wholly irrelevant to the next generation.