great solutions starts with understandingI don’t understand how a person can be so broken, so full of hate, that they walk into a club and murder 49 people.

I don’t understand how guns can be used in 231 US murders each week, and the people of America not see there is a problem with guns.

I don’t understand why the right to bear arms, appears more important than the obligation for peace and safety and love.

I don’t understand how a country can be so divided down two political party lines, that democracy itself appears hangs in the balance.

Because I don’t understand, it makes it very easy for me to hold strong views. Very easy to throw stones.

Because I don’t understand, if I lived in America, I would be part of the problem.

I don’t understand because I have never WALKED IN THEIR SHOES. Been brought up with their beliefs. Lived their life. Heard their narrative.

I don’t understand because I have never sought to understand the other positions, and because I am naive enough to apply my world view, to theirs.

Great solutions starts with understanding.

It doesn’t matter the topic … gun control; global poverty; human rights; religion; overcrowded housing in Auckland; local crime; or even why your neighbour lives differently to you, if you don’t take the time to understand, you are a part of the problem.

My life is always richer, fuller and more collaborative when I seek to understand.

Changing the world, or even just one relationship, starts with understanding.