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Are you trying to spread what you don’t have?

To spread happiness, you’ve got to have some happiness to spread.You take your favourite jar of goodness out of the fridge. You open it. And it’s all but empty. Mildly frustrated you scrape and scrape the bottom of the container. And in the end, barely cover your toast.

To spread something, you’ve got to have it to spread.

To spread happiness, you’ve got to have happiness.

To spread excellence,






Or even love.

You first need to have some to spread.

And the more you have, the more you can give.

We can’t spread these things if we are fully empty.

If you find yourself scraping the bottom of the barrel, maybe it’s time you take a break, refresh, or just get near people who have it.

Replenish, so that you can provide all that goodness, that people around you are longing for.

How do you use your social media voice?

How do you use your social media voiceA few months ago I ranted about a poor customer experience I was having. It attracted a fair amount of attention (and weirdly ‘likes’) and the company took ownership and resolved.

More than any time in history you have a voice to hundreds, if not thousands of people.

You have the ability to contribute.

To share what matters most.

To influence.

To encourage.

Sadly, most of the time we use our social media voice to say “here look at me”. Which is all good, but if it’s all we do we are missing an opportunity.

An opportunity to be authentic and encouraging and generous.

A unique opportunity to speak life into others.

The post that I wrote about customer service was one of the more liked and commented posts I have had in a while. I would like to think it was because of the parts I wrote about becoming a grumpy old man, but sadly I suspect it wasn’t. I’m not sure it was generous or encouraging. Nor did it really speak life.

I blog because I decided I would use my voice and story and words to speak life into others, but you don’t need to blog to speak life into people.

It can be as simple as encouraging someone.

Why not do that today!