Be WrongI love being wrong.

No actually that’s a lie!  Being wrong, is no fun, frustrating and outright embarrassing. Yet, I don’t hate being wrong either.

As children, most of our learning occurred as a result of being wrong. It’s weird then that most adults I know try to avoid being wrong, and in doing so miss incredible opportunities to discover new forms of right. We have grown to believe that being right about everything is good. It’s NOT.

If we are never wrong, we are never prepared to change.

And if we are never prepared to change, we never get the opportunity to grow.

So… be wrong.

Sometimes the hardest part of being wrong is admitting that this thing, or habit, or belief you have might not be right. Particularly when you have done it for so long.

Dont be afraid to be wrong every so often.

Without being wrong, we may never learn what’s right.