As a leader, what shadow are you casting in your organisation?

It’s funny how shadows can be good and bad. A person standing in the right spot to shield the sun from our eyes, is a good shadow. Yet the clouds maneuvering themselves in front of the sun on a bitter winters day, creates cold and dark shadows. As a leader I know I cast good … More As a leader, what shadow are you casting in your organisation?

Being the best.

I was honoured to hear a friend give a talk about being the best in everything she does. She spoke of what it means to be the best in her music, as a mum, for her boys and at agoge. Her words reminded me how striving to be the best is difficult and I was … More Being the best.

151 | 365 – Ubuntu

 “Ubuntu is a concept that we have in our Bantu languages at home. Ubuntu is the essence of being a person. It means that we are people through other people. We cannot be fully human alone. We are made for interdependence, we are made for family. When you have ubuntu, you embrace others. You are … More 151 | 365 – Ubuntu

A Vision of wrong

"With out a clear vision of what wrong looks like, you and your workforce have to deal with the pain of doing something hard and often painful without knowing why" Change to Strange- Pg 173

Strategy is externally focused

Because strategic direction defines the nature of the desired relationship between a business and its customers, objectives are only strategic when they lead to outcomes that are recognised by customers. Strategy objectives, therefore, are always externally focused. Internal objectives – creating better employee involvement, or becoming one of the best work places in America – … More Strategy is externally focused

Ancient words…

In essentials, unity; in action, freedom; and in all things, trust. – Aristotle Compassionate Leadership – pg 121

US marines debrief questions

– What was our intent?– What actually happened?– Why did that happen?– What can we learn from those events?– What actions should we take now in prepartion for the future, similar events? Extraordinary leader pg 218