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Why I make Caring a task

Team Agoge 2013At Agoge one of our essential values is “be caring”. As the guy at the top I see it as a core responsibility to cast a shadow of caring across the entire organisation. One of the ways I do this is I aim to touch base with our core team in the company at least every month or so.

Often I fail, because aiming to touch base is different to actually calling. For example recently, when I rang Brendon, we pretended like we hadn’t talked in years, when in fact we hadn’t spoken in a month or so.

After Brendon’s call, I knew that I had to once again make caring a task. I changed how it appeared in my weekly review, and I plan to check in on a couple of people a week.

To some, making caring a task feels wrong. Shouldn’t caring be spontaneous and in the moment? Yes, caring should be spontaneous, and yes caring should be planned.

By making caring a task, you make sure that the people you care about, actually know you care.

That’s the case with our team. They are awesome people spread all over this country and I care deeply for them. If I don’t make caring a task, the busyness of business can allow far to much time pass before we catch up.

And because I care, that can’t be the case!

 So who do you need to make a task to care for today?

Who have you been meaning to call or visit, and left far too long?

Why not capture that task right now.

They will appreciate it.


Treat others the way you want to be treated

The Golden Rule states “In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you.”

It doesn’t say when its convenient or when it suits. It doesn’t say to some of our friends or people we get on well with.

It says in everything.

All things.

All situations.

All people.

In everything…

On Facebook, by email, by txt, behind their back, and face to face.

Whether they live in our country or another, and believe what we believe or have faith in different things.

Friends, enemies and strangers.

Poor, rich and in between.

Regardless of how they have treated you. Treat them the way you would want them to treat you.

In everything…

If we would want to be helped in hard times, help people whenever you can.

If you want people to stop talking harshly to you, stop being harsh.

If you want to be encouraged, be an encourager.

If you want to be heard, listen.

In everything!

The golden rule requires personal choices by everyone, every time we interact with another human being. How much different would society be if we all chose to live this way?