For RentOften, as I’m walking or running along the streets, I will notice rental properties. Not because they have a sign on them saying they are rental, but because of the way that the lawns are kept and the gardens are over grown. The residents just seem to park their cars wherever they might like, be it, on the driveway or on the grass.

Sometimes rental properties seem to be treated differently than properties that are owned by people. An owner seems to take more care and responsibility for their property, if things need fixing they get fixed, whereas a renter generally contacts the landlord to get it fixed. It’s the owner’s problem.

In business, we have a word that has almost become the business version of Renter, it’s the word ‘accountable’. It’s not that being accountable is wrong, just as renting is not wrong. People that are accountable (give an account) for their own actions, but if something needs fixing, or something really needs owning, they will often speak up and they will pass it on to somebody else.

It’s funny I say this because at Agoge accountability is one of our behavioural values, however we also have a tagline that says “See it. Own it. Fix it.” If you see a problem, it’s one thing to be accountable, to see a problem and flag it up to somebody, and then effectively wash your hands of it. Accountability for us requires that you see the problem. And own it. And work with the rest of the team until it gets fixed.

Accountability means, you aren’t just a renter. You are an owner.

There is a difference between how most organisations view accountability and ownership. Just as there is a difference between renting and an owning.

People who take real ownership are invaluable!

Today, will you take ownership for something, or will you merely be accountable for it?

Which will you be, a renter, or an owner?