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‘Kinstugi’ the art of turning Brokenness into Beauty.

Kinstugi Brokenness‘Kinstugi’ is the Japanese word that describes the art of repairing broken ceramics with gold.

This art form is wonderful in the way it takes something that is broken, destined to be rubbish.

And restores it.

With gold !

Once repaired, it is considered more beautiful for having been broken.

Often brokenness from our past are considered ugly scars, that we need to hide, and never speak of again.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we took the art of Kinstugi and applied the thinking to our lives.

What if we understood that the times we feel smashed and broken are gold in the making?

What if our past brokenness was seen as gold lines that speak boldly of our journey and healing?

What if that was Jesus intention, to take our brokenness and use it to make us more beautiful?

What’s the story of your life?

TheStoryofMyLifeIt’s funny the things you overhear a snippet of as you walk past someone. Recently I walked past a young boy, 6 or 7 at a guess, and his mum walking along the footpath. As I pass the only part of their conversation that I heard is the boy boldly proclaiming to his mum “That’s the story of my life.” She laughed as it was obviously a phrase he doesn’t use often.

As I walk I mused about how it was a funny thing for a young kid to say. Then I was reminded that far too many adults use the phrase to define who they are.

It’s not often “That’s the story of my life” is used in a positive and successful way. That’s the story of my life, is normally a negative, broad statement implying that this always happens to me. That it’s a lifelong pattern.

Maybe it’s time to change that story. To tell a new story. A story not defined by your past, rather a story a small incremental change. The kind of change that you don’t notice day-to-day, but you do notice when you look back over months or years.

You have the power to change your story today, or you can decided to carry on as we were, then it truly will be “the story of your life”.

What’s the story of your life?

Are past experiences and failures shaping your story?

Why not commit to making a small change today. A small tiny wee step towards changing your story, so that you can replace the words “that’s the story of my life” with these words…

“Let me tell you my story…”