This is a part of John Keys speech yesterday.

My father died when I was a young child. I do not remember him.I was raised, along with my sisters, by my mother, in a state house in Christchurch. Back then I thought I was poor and, by most standards, we were. As I grew up, though, I recognised that what my mother gave to my sisters and I was far more valuable than money.

She instilled in us the desire to improve ourselves by our own hard work, the confidence that we were able to do it, and the hope that it was possible to do so. She instilled in me an ethic of hard work and determination and a genuine belief that "you get out of life what you put into it".

How many kids in New Zealand are never taught these values? How many kids will grow up not knowing that anything is possible and not knowing anything but dependence on the state.

Imagine if we could teach parents to inspire their kids again! Imagine if they regained the appreciation for hard work that I think is getting lost in the youth of today.

John Keys impresses me. If he gets to be PM, what a hard job he has before him.

Finally I am reminded that I am so blessed to have the parents I have. They have always believed in us, supported us, taught us to work hard and encouraged us.