Have you ever heard of Michael Collins?

Firstly it’s his birthday today. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael!

If you are like me, you have never heard of him. I know the names of his two colleagues Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. You know the guys that got to walk on the moon in 1969, but I had never heard the name Michael Collins.

Michael was the third person on Apollo 11. He stayed back and piloted the orbiting command module while Neil and Buzz got to fly down to the moon for a bounce around. He was a critical part of the team and they would not have been able to return home without him and yet if you are like me, you don’t know his name.

He of course was not the only nameless person involved in that mission. There were literally 1000s of support staff that made the mission possible, and yet the names we know are Neil and Buzz.

This of course the case in most successful organisations. There are some people who are the visible front of the organisations, while there are many support staff who daily enable and support and make things actually happen.

And just as Neil and Buzz needed and where thankful that Michael was on their team, I am thankful and grateful and privileged to work with cool people who enable us to fulfil our vision of “People Matter ∴ Do Good”

We have a bunch of people whose names you probably dont know. At times a few of us get our turn in the spotlight, but for the most part these people work tireless for the greater team. We would fail in our Mission if not for them.

Thanks to Ivan, Hardeep, John, Andrew, Alex, Megan, Bren, Mat, Jon, Neihana, Gav, Damian, Naomi, Clive, Susannah, Michaela, Nick, Robyn, Linda, Cosmin, Ilana, Barry, Rachel, Jim, Brendon, Tiriana, Francis, Stephanie, Nicki and Rosie.

Thanks for believing in our Mission.

You all rock.