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2 ways to learn from experience.

Waihi_Beach_SafetyThere is perhaps nothing more quintessentially New Zealand, than a day swimming and playing in the surf. As a child’s age and experience increases, so does their confidence. The waves they catch now are a far cry, from the waves they ran from as toddlers.

There is also perhaps no better example of experiential learning, than learning to be safe in the surf. You could read up on beach safety, but until you have been tumbled by a huge wave and felt the current ripping along the beach, the theory means little. Unfortunately many people in New Zealand get into trouble on our beaches because the rely solely on their own, very limited, experience and don’t learn from the knowledge of others.

Our best learning comes in two ways, through a blend of our own experience and from the experiences, struggles, skills and wisdom of others.

If you really want to learn quickly, constantly seek both.

Lately I have had the opportunity to lean in and glean insight from a few very talented people, many of them younger than me. Their stories, their background and their actions form unique lessons that have portability across many areas of my life.

I have been reminded that it is important to learn from my own experiences, but it is equally important to learn from the experience of others.

I think we forget to do the later all too often.

Learning to do

My daughters as a part of their reading development are both learning to infer the meaning of what the writer is saying. I guess inferring means reading between the lines to gain a better understanding.

Over the years I hope to teach them the importance of finding the implication of what the writer is saying. Not so they can search for the implication for everyone else, but so they learn to seek an implication of what they read to themselves.

Often as adults, we read to gain knowledge and readily see the implications to everyone but ourselves, but fail to make personal change.

So maybe now is the time to teach my daughters to read and infer and imply. And maybe now is the time to teach them to take action.

Then rather than having my kids learn to know.

They would learn to do.