Innes 48 hour startupI heard the disappointment in their voices. I saw it in their body language.  Black Gold had taken the prize that they just poured 48 hours of their lives in to winning. They hadn’t won and I completely understand their frustration … I too hate losing.

Last night I had the privilege of crashing the Innes 48 hour start-up challenge run by Soda Inc in Hamilton.  I say it was a privilege because I come away energised and inspired by the start-up community. There were some incredible participants who will go on to disrupt entire industries.

As I reflected on the evening I was reminded that the decision to win is not in the hands of judges. The decision to succeed as individuals, not so much as businesses, broadly requires us to…

1)      Commit: Are you in? Are you prepared to throw everything behind it? Are you prepared to risk? Without making the decision to commit you will struggle to get the traction.

2)      Focus: Stay focused on what is wildly important. Don’t get distracted. Know your customers, know your issues, pivot if necessary, but focus. Don’t lose sight of the end goal.

3)      Start: You can’t finish if you don’t start. Each big project is just a series of small tasks. Constantly ask what is the very next step you need to take? Now take it.

4)      Repeat: Everyday.

I also came away challenged.

What will I do?

Am I prepared to cause huge disruption?

It’s time for me to Commit. Focus. And START.

Maybe it’s time for you to do the same.