200 | 365 Doing Good

On Sunday we heard first hand about incredible work of Rahab ministries in Thailand, and got to support them through the pink pigs. In Thailand young women, really young women are sold by their families to prostitution, often under false circumstances and with the lure of a better life, but sold nonetheless.   I can’t … More 200 | 365 Doing Good

Why YOU don’t change.

It was a moment of sheer intelligential brilliance. “Immovable Deadlines”, I pondered. When an immovable deadline exists, it is easy to deliver. When I have to speak on Sunday, or deliver a presentation to a big client. The deadline is immovable, and I always meet the deadline. Always. I have known this about myself for … More Why YOU don’t change.

Finding my way around

When I flew into Melbourne this week I knew broadly my hotel was in the Southbank area, so caught a bus, then the train, then walked around looking for it. Most people, I would assume, would actually look it up on a map. When I went to the conference yesterday, I knew it was at … More Finding my way around

Successful People

Saw an interview on 60 Minutes this week with Kiwi Kerry Spackman. Kerry is a Neuroscientist for sports stars like Lewis Hamilton. He was asked what made them successful and gave these four qualities They are phenomenally hard workers Their attention to detail was second to none They have an ability to get over disappointment … More Successful People

Personal development

"I believe that I am responsible for my own personal development. Only I know who I want to become. Only I know my real strenghts and weaknesses, my passion and my talent. Only I know the price I am willing to pay to be who I can become." – Fred Smith Sr. How very true … More Personal development