530 amThere is something cool about getting a text at 5:30 am in the morning from a perspective employee. It tells me he was up, into the day and disciplined. I was impressed.

As I thought this over though, I realise that I am more impressed because I am up at that hour. If I wasn’t up early each morning I wouldn’t have noticed and would have thought it was plain stupid.

It’s strange how we seem to form positive opinions of people based on how similar they are to us. In business particularly the more they believe and behave the same way as us, the easier they are to get along with.

The risk of course, if we play this game too long, is that we don’t have people in our lives who are not like us.

People who function at the other end of the day.

People who think different ways.

People with different views.

And therefore…

People who stretch and challenge our personal status quo.