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Choosing your response

we always get a choice about how we respondLife can never be lived perfectly.

It won’t always go the way you planned.

At times it can be frustrating, annoying, disappointing and painful all at the same time.

And when our world is spinning out of control we can feel our choices are limited.

But … we always get a choice … about how we respond…










It’s easy to become frustrated or beat ourselves up when things aren’t going well. We can feel justified in the way we feel, vindicated even.

That is, until we remember that we always have a choice in how we respond.

When we choose to take a different position, when we step into different actions, then






Are you dressing for success?

Dress for SuccessYou wouldn’t wear Pajamas to an interview or shorts to a formal dinner. That’s because we know that how we dress impacts how people see us, and we like them to see us at our best.

The truth is, what we wear has more impact on us, than it does on those around us.

What we wear can significantly change our mood and attitude and activity.

What we wear is a powerful trigger for our minds, which help us make things happen.

And, what you wear next will determine how successful you will be.

Know you should go exercise but can’t be bothered; get dress for exercise, put your shoes on, and off you will go.

Need to be creative at work; flag the business clothes and wear smart casual.

Had a hard day at work; get changed into comfortable relaxing clothes as soon as you get home.

I’ve found using clothes to shift my mood or attitude or activity really does make a huge difference.

What you wear will as well…