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It is better to be present than give presents.

It is better to be present than give presents. Thank you to the many people I’ve connected with this year, who gave me an unimaginable gift.

Thank you for the irreplaceable gift of your time.

As I head off for a short break tomorrow and I didn’t want to leave without saying Thank You!

Thank you for meeting, talking, messaging, listening, reading, coffee’ing and connecting with me. Thank you for encouraging, challenging, stimulating and evoking me.

My life is honestly so much richer because of you! And I wish I could list you all!

You were present.

You gave me the gift of your time.

Thank you!

And as we head towards time with friends and family and then into 2018 it reminds me…

It is better to be present than give presents.

May we be ‘present’ this Christmas!

Aroha Nui

Could you fail 39 times?

Would you give up on the 39th AttemptI learnt recently that WD-40 stands for “Water Displacement 40”. The 40 means it was his 40th attempt at developing the product.

The  inventor Norm Larsen had tried 39 times to find a way to displace water to stop rusting in the aerospace industry.

When he finally succeeded on his 40th attempt he created a product that has far more uses that just the problem he was seeking to solve.

WD-40 would not exist if he & his team of three had given up on their 31st attempt.

I love that each time I use this product, the name itself, will be a reminder that sometimes failure upon failure is needed before success can occur.