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Waiting for change

waiting for people to change can be frustrating - SQWaiting for somebody to change can be frustrating.

As a leader, friend or parent, you’ve probably shared greats ideas.

Encouraged them.


Yet they’re still not changing, or if they are it’s far too slowly.

In our mind we wonder ‘why can’t they just do it!

When it comes to seeing change in others, we are often incredibly impatient.

But when it comes to us, and our long road of changing life long habits.

That’s different.

We want people to be patient with us.

Thanks to all those people who are patient with me as I slowly tweak my life for the better.

And sorry to those of you whom I expect to change immediately. I’ll try and be more patient, and I love that you aren’t giving up.

It’s not a priority if there are more than ONE

It’s not a priority if there are more than 1It was only in the 1900’s that it became possible to use the word ‘priorities’.

For the preceding 500 years it was simply ‘priority’.

It was singular.

It meant the very first thing.

Something that must happen immediately prior.

Do you ever have those days where you have so much to do, and you end up working on so many things that you never really get any of them done?

Try setting a #1 priority for each day.

Make it one thing you can hit out of the park. Something that will move your dream forward. Something that will give you a moment of pride when you complete it.

Then do that FIRST.



[NB it takes effort to think about your priority every day, and more discipline to do it, but the pay back is incredible. Do give it a try]