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What do you believe about Global Warming?

Global Warming NZ“Do you believe in Global Warming?” my friend asked sincerely. After thinking for a moment I told him that clearly I didn’t. I do after all drive a Holden Commodore and in reality I do little to reduce my ‘footprint’ on this planet.

Now here is the interesting thing. I know that our climate is changing. I know that as humans we are using too many of our limited resources. I know that if we continue the same way, we will destroy the planet for future generations.

You notice that I use the word ‘know’, and not the word ‘believe’. That’s because ‘believe’ should be followed by action.

Without action, we demonstrate that we do not have deep held conviction and belief. We merely have an opinion. And an opinion without action is a dangerous thing indeed.

Want to know what somebody really believes?

Listen to their words,


look at their actions!

Clearly this is not just a post about Global Warming. It could equally be a post about poverty. Or Aids. Or your Neighbours. Or Love. Whatever it is, if you believe you should do some good, then you should do something about it.

What do you believe?

Take action.

326|365 Spring is almost here

I love spring because the days are growing longer.
I love spring because the rain will
eventually clear.
I love spring because of the vivid colours.
I love spring because of the new growth.
Spring is almost here because the birds
have returned to our trees and our first trees are in blossom.
Bring on spring I say.

273 |365 Banana’s

Day273.jpgSometimes we completely forget that we import simple things like banana’s. We purchase them with very little thought to the origin or the people who produce them.

We say we care about things like poverty or the environment, but its mainly lip service. Actually purchasing only products that make a difference for the causes we believe in. Well that’s another story.

237 |365 Fog #1

Mist rises over a Waikato FarmAs evening approaches the mist rises slowly from the ground. By daybreak it will be thick heavy fog that will blanket the Waikato for most of the morning.
I understand what causes fog, but I don’t understand why fog exists. Maybe fog’s purpose is to reduce our view, to dim the sun, to close airports and make us feel gloomy.
Maybe fog’s purpose is to enhance our enjoyment of the sun and beauty and the use of airports more once it clears. Once it is lifted. Once things return to normal.

NB: There are life lessons I’m sure from fog, just not sure what they are yet. As fog season has arrived I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity to think of some before my next fog picture.

189 | 365 In Awe

Day189.jpgFor as far as the eye could see low bulbous cloud covered the country and out beyond the sea to the horizon. The sun creeps up to the skyline as the earths revolution enables the break of a new day. The darkness of the night sky fades to blue then to burning bright yellows that reflect over the cloud.
From 18000 ft, the curve of the earth is apparent, and I am in AWE of the work of God’s hand. The depth, perspective, colour, cloud, light and darkness are amazing. Such beauty that the camera did not and will never fully capture.
Then I am reminded how honoured I am to enjoy it. Less than 100 years ago, few men had ever seen such sights, and even today, very few people around the earth will see such things.

[189 | 365 – In Awe – An amazing sunrise as I flew to Christchurch]

Without you…


Without each individual drop of water there would be no puddles, no streams, no rivers, no ocean, no life.

You may feel as significant as a drop in the ocean, but without you we are nothing.