Creating a personal strategy to help you achieve your dream and goals.

One of the funny things about returning from annual leave is that I often have this utopic desire to live a more purposeful life. I guess the relaxation, uninterrupted time with family and the space to think, lead me to want to create more of those spaces in my normal life. Recently after returning from … More Creating a personal strategy to help you achieve your dream and goals.

Dead and Useless?

James said, “What good is it, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions? Can that kind of faith save anyone? Suppose you see a brother or sister who has no food or clothing, and you say, ‘Good-bye and have a good day; stay warm and eat well’—but then you don’t give that person any … More Dead and Useless?

273 |365 Banana’s

Sometimes we completely forget that we import simple things like banana’s. We purchase them with very little thought to the origin or the people who produce them. We say we care about things like poverty or the environment, but its mainly lip service. Actually purchasing only products that make a difference for the causes we … More 273 |365 Banana’s

200 | 365 Doing Good

On Sunday we heard first hand about incredible work of Rahab ministries in Thailand, and got to support them through the pink pigs. In Thailand young women, really young women are sold by their families to prostitution, often under false circumstances and with the lure of a better life, but sold nonetheless.   I can’t … More 200 | 365 Doing Good