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Month: December 2012

Being near water brings life.

20121223-062750.jpgI’m drawn toward water with the same force that gravity draws me to the ground. The ocean’s pull is strongest of course, but lakes, rivers or small bubbling brooks cause me to pause, breathe and relax.

To say I love being near the water is an understatement. I love running by the water. Love talking with friends as we slowly meander along the water’s edge. Love sitting alone by water, disconnected from the complexities of life.

When I am angry, frustrated and speechless, being near water somehow brings perspective. If I’m contemplative, strategic and lost in my thoughts the presence of water often provides clarity.

I was reminded the other day as I walked that it is ‘good to be by the water’.


By drinking it, we gain life.

Being near it, refreshes us.

And Living Water, heals our souls.

This Christmas … may you be drawn to water.

We are all weird

a_weird_backwards_photoI’m weird!

I know I’m weird because the other day I was cooking a BBQ, fooling around and using strange voices. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a neighbourhood kid in the yard steering at me with a look of part bewilderment and part horror. I asked if I was being a bit weird and she nodded slowly. “I bet your dad does weird and crazy things at home?” I inquired hoping for a favourable response.

Her face lit up as she replied “he sure does”.

“We are all weird Marama,” I replied with a smile,  “we are all weird.” And with that she nodded and carried on playing with my kids.

Funny isn’t it how we can behave weirdly at home, but we conform in public and at work. For some strange reason we don’t want people to know we’re weird, even though we know that everyone is a little weird.

I wonder if life wouldn’t be a little more fun and vibrant if we weren’t weird when we’re out more often. I wonder if that wouldn’t help us break down more barriers, laugh more, and enable us to not take ourselves so seriously.

We are all weird.

Therefore… do something weird today!

I dare you!

2 lessons about leadership I gleaned while being driven through Phnom Penh.

Those of you who have travelled through parts of  Asian know how mad, crazy, radical their driving can be.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/54691916 w=500&h=282]
If you haven’t, watch this short video of a normal intersection at 6:30 at night.

At first we described it as ‘Organised Chaos’ and soon realised that it was best described as “Disorganised Order”. Everyone headed were they needed to go, in an orderly yet apparently disorganised way.

The drivers themselves were probably the most fascinating part of the driving experience. They’re a paradox of determination and grace. They wanted to get there first and fast, but were gracious as others pushed and squeezed their Tuk Tuk’s into gaps that moments before didn’t exist.

Disorganised Order,


Determination with Grace.

Disorganised Order, you don’t see that much in business or law in New Zealand. I wonder if it isn’t the essence of being truly entrepreneurial.


I have met plenty of determined people, and I have the privilege of knowing a lot of gracious people. Sadly, most often the determined people are not characterised by grace.

Determined with Grace, describes the leader I would like to be.