Empty | Winter Blues

Met, know and have heard of bundles of people, lately who are not themselves. Thy feel flat, down and maybe a little bit empty. Much of it I’m sure is the winter blues. Well, if you are one of those people I have a solution. At this time of year the playgrounds are practically empty. No … More Empty | Winter Blues

329|365 Colours

Picture a day without colour No colour in buildings or things we wear No colour in paint for art to smear No colour in the sun or sky above No colour in stuff we love Picture a day without colour And rejoice that today However grey Is filled with colour! [329|365 – I love how … More 329|365 Colours

328|365 Water

Just over the summit of the Kaimai Ranges, as you’re headed to Hamilton from Tauranga, is a small almost unnoticed lay-area that conceals a natural fresh water spring. With the road on one side and native New Zealand bush on the other, a pipe is linked to the ground and from it fresh water flows. … More 328|365 Water

327|365 Learning

This whole school and education thing seems to work. Jayden basically start school in June and has progressed from reading one work, his name, to reading little books. He is really proud of his achievements and I’m really proud of him. In the initial stages of learning something new we make huge progress, really quickly. … More 327|365 Learning