243 |365 Just in Case

Was thinking the other day about things we own just in case we need them. A fire extinguisher is an extreme example. They hang around looking all red and waiting for its big moment that we hope will never come.   But that’s at the office surely we don’t have ‘just in case’ things at … More 243 |365 Just in Case

237 |365 Fog #1

As evening approaches the mist rises slowly from the ground. By daybreak it will be thick heavy fog that will blanket the Waikato for most of the morning.   I understand what causes fog, but I don’t understand why fog exists. Maybe fog’s purpose is to reduce our view, to dim the sun, to close … More 237 |365 Fog #1

236 |365 Smile

I took this photo while I was exasperating daughter. While the shot is random and not normal and partially blurry due to the light, I like the colours and effect.  Above all I love her smile and think its beautiful.   Pete Murray’s song, Smile, says ‘I have seen days When your smile goes on … More 236 |365 Smile

233 |365 A lucky roll

You may believe that rolling two dice all is chance. That guessing the combined number is luck. And to a certain extent you are right.   However adding two dice to equal 7 is six times more likely than a rolling double 6. (1+6, 2+5, 3+4, 4+3, 5+2, 6+1 compared to 6+6)   You may … More 233 |365 A lucky roll