Blinks and Sunglasses

It was a stunning day. 27 degrees, warm water and a gentle breeze flowing from the shore out to the deep blue Pacific Ocean. The location is Sonaisali Island Resort just 500m off the Fiji mainland. Sitting on the shoreline the Hobbie Cat was geared up and in the offering. How could I resist? I … More Blinks and Sunglasses

Highly Predictable

There is a standard rule in communication theory. It goes like this: when predictability is high, impact is low. If I think I know what you are going to say and you go ahead and say it, I am not likely to be very affected by your message. The inverse is also true: when predictability … More Highly Predictable

One life

Friends, in what other life are you going to go all out? We all have one shot and one shot only to leave a lasting legacy – a definitive mark on this world that reflects our decision to lean into, not away from, our areas of holy discontent. – Bill Hybels: Holy Discontent (pg 136)