Generation Y

OK I admit it; I have been more than a little bit sceptical of the Generation Y buzz that has been around for the last few years. I have openly wondered if it is all just an excuse for a lack of discipline and hard work. To be honest I didn’t really understand the link … More Generation Y

People Matter

“Is this Mr Nicol”, asked the telesales person who interrupted my life shortly after I arrived home tonight. I answered “Yep”, which was followed by a very ungenuine “How are you?” I know it was ungenuine because I never actually got the chance to answer before she launched into her sales talk. She talked for … More People Matter


Blessed are they that laugh at themselves, they shall never cease to be entertained. Anon

Getting the best people

So you have a goal to build a strong employer brand. Great idea, but as you know that is easier said than done. How does a medium sized company in the transport and logistics industry compete for great people against what can be seen as more sexy and edgy industries? Well I am reading Jack … More Getting the best people

Hard Work

Alan McDiarmid, a Kiwi and Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, died today aged 79. I saw an interview with him last year on Campbell live and he said this quote " I am a very lucky person. And the harder I work, they luckier I seem to be" Alan McDiarmid – 2006

Teamwork: Backyard Soccer

"We did it Kyla, we got a goal!" Talia hollers with excitement after she kicks the ball between the trampoline legs that have become the goal posts for our backyard soccer game. Its kids verses Dad and there is a lesson in play for the girls. Its called Teamwork! Their tendency, their predisposition if you … More Teamwork: Backyard Soccer


“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hillary