Welcome! I’m Andrew Nicol, passionate about HR, an evocative speaker, leadership enthusiast, and CEO of the People Matter Collective.

This year, I’ve embarked on an ambitious and exciting journey to connect with 100 senior leaders over coffee.

Why 100 coffees? Leadership can often mean being heads down, hearing the same voices. Yet, it’s the unexpected coffee – the one that pulls us into another’s orbit – that can spark new ideas!

That’s the vision. Each meeting is an opportunity to reimagine leadership as a movement that champions dignity and celebrates humanity at work.

I trust that through these candid conversations, we can ignite change, foster growth, and expand our shared impact.

What’s the agenda?

The agenda can best be summed up as hearing about the cool work you are doing, discussing trends we are seeing, and chatting about current challenges.

I’d also love to share some insights into the latest trends and research impacting leadership and people technology.

Trends 🔮 Future
Purposeful Outcomes: The art of increasing organisational outcomes while improving focus and reducing stress.Human Radicals: Redefining HR to focus on every person having belonging regardless of role and joining the collective story as teams become more open and distributed.
Brain-Friendly Transformation: Applying neuro-science to learning and leadership to create sustainable organisational and individual change.Seamless Integration: The great integration is beginning.
Human intelligence, new methodology, and Ai need to merge to create more heart in human interactions.
A sneak peek to some trends I am seeing

It is not a sales pitch! Just an opportunity to share a brew and insights that will hopefully lead to real-world impact.

And more than a coffee, as I will also be collating ideas that I am hearing and learning and sharing them back to those that want them later in the year.

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Hear from fellow leaders who’ve already taken part in the 100 leadership coffees:

“As I walked out of our catch up, the word that stuck in my mind was fascinating. The neuroscience topic is certainly one I love spending time on.”

Brenda – Leadership Guru

“The conversation with Andy was as refreshing as the coffee. His perspective on human-radical practices in HR was particularly enlightening.”

Brent – People & Culture Leader

About The People Matter Collective

We’re a group of social organisations united under a shared vision of “People Matter ∴ Do Good”. We connect people to jobs they love, using values, recruitment, and systems that enhance culture and productivity. We’re not just in the business of recruitment; we’re in the business of developing thriving teams.

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