People Matter ∴ Do Good

Andrew Nicol is a social entrepreneur based in Hamilton, NZ

Lead a vivid life that does good

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∴ = therefore

It means ‘for that reason’

I use ∴ as the implication of what I’m learning.

cropped-2013-06-22-07-41-05.jpgThink back to the last time you paused to watch the sun rise. There is something intensely powerful in those moments as the sun vividly shines its bright light into the darkness.

I love the word VIVID. It means “strikingly bright, full, fresh and distinct”. 

My goal in writing this blog is to challenge both you, and me, to lead a vivid life that does good.

cropped-dogood.jpgLast year we saw again, how much difference water projects in Cambodia make. The grass is not only greener, but water changes everything. It gives the people we support the opportunity not only to have clean drinking water, but also to grow crops all year round.

I love making a difference in the world. Which is why Agoge and Good exist. 

People Matter ∴ Do Good

I was honoured to speak at the inaugural TEDx Ruakura in Hamilton

Changing BIG personalities

In 1844 an act of Parliament in the UK that created a new type of personality. These personalities have gone on to shape the world in unbelievable ways. Sadly a few these new personalities have caused incredible harm. Its time for that to change!

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