I love the word ‘vivid’

It means “strikingly bright, full, fresh and distinct” and it describes the kind of leader I want to be. I want to lead vividly.

cropped-2013-06-22-07-41-05.jpgThink back to the last time you paused to watch the sun rise. There is something intensely powerful in those moments as the sun vividly shines its bright light into the darkness.

My goal in writing this blog is to challenge both you, and me, to lead a vivid life that does good.

cropped-dogood.jpgLast year we saw again, how much difference water projects in Cambodia make. The grass is not only greener, but water changes everything. It gives the people we support the opportunity not only to have clean drinking water, but also to grow crops all year round.

I love making a difference in the world. Which is why Agoge, coHired and Good exist. 

People Matter ∴ Do Good

∴ = therefore

It means ‘for that reason’

I use ∴ as the implication of what I’m learning.

  • Our Freedom came at a cost.

    Our Freedom came at a cost.

    Today is ANZAC day in New Zealand. Today we remember ordinary men who became heroes. Men & Women who served and died so that their generation, and those that followed might be free from oppression and evil. On this day we remember what it costs to have freedom; our countries freedom; our children’s freedom; your…

  • Energy Redefined: Beyond the Leaky Bucket

    Energy Redefined: Beyond the Leaky Bucket

    As the new year unfolds, it’s an opportune time to reflect on how we perceive energy. Often, we liken our energy to a leaky bucket, something that depletes and needs constant refilling. But this perspective might be limiting us. What if we reimagined energy through different metaphors? For me, I relate to energy like the…

  • The Keystone Word: Shaping Your Year Ahead

    The Keystone Word: Shaping Your Year Ahead

    Have you ever tried to encapsulate an entire year into just one word? It sounds daunting, right? For years, I’ve been summing up my years with a single, defining word. But the real game-changer was when a friend suggested selecting a word for the year ahead, and I’ve found it incredibly empowering. I’ve found it…