We Just Go

We Just Go It was one of those lazy wet Sunday afternoons when I received the call from a team member just “letting me know” her house was surrounded in water. What was heavy rain on one side of town, was a torrential downpour on the other, that forced this solo mum and her son from their home.

She was “just letting me know” and I didn’t need to come over, so I grabbed my 13-year-old son and we headed out anyway.

As we drove across town J asked me “What will we do when we get there?” I answered “I don’t know, maybe something, maybe nothing.”

Still inquisitive he asked, “Well if we don’t know if we can help, why go?”

“Because we Just Go”, I replied, “We may be able to help, or we may just give them a hug, but regardless, we don’t wait to find out. We just go!”

And when we arrived, we did give them both a hug. And we helped. And of course my teenage son bounced on a tramp surrounded by water, because that’s what boys do.

And we wouldn’t have if we didn’t Just Go.

In times of crisis or tragedy or suffering, all too often I see people not know how to respond to the needs of others.

They don’t think they can help.

Or are concerned they won’t know what to say.

And they worry they might do the wrong thing.

So they stay.

But you can help. And the words will come. And the right thing is to be there.


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