Days 345 – 352

345|365 Boarding time – Boarding an Air NZ ATR in Wellington, home for dinner after another 2 nights away.

346|365 Hockey 1, Hockey 2 – I remember back to my school days when hockey was played on a field. Nowadays it is played on Aquaturf and is almost an entirely different game. Faster, more ball skills and they no-longer say “Hockey 1, Hockey 2, Hockey 3” [Picture taken at Kyla’s semi-final game for 8-a-side]

348|365 Earthquake – Was in Christchurch on Monday. A lot of our clients’ buildings are OK, but most of their racking and stock are completely destroyed. They literally had diggers in removing it and dumping it. It is a miracle no one was killed, if it had been 4:35am any other day of the week, we would have had staff working amongst shelving units like this one. I was glad to leave after another aftershock and power failure at the airport while waiting for the plane. A very hard week for the people I know who live in Christchurch, feel for you all.

349|365 Spring – It is nice to see colour around the garden again. Sometimes I get a bit sick of green in the Waikato at this time of year

350|365 City Parks – Took this photo in my lunch break at a local reserve. Same reserve I was jogging through one day and saw a guy running through nude with his dog. Thats another story, but fair to say I don't run through this park nowadays. No nude guys today, a bit cold.

351|365 Clothes Line – Drops of water on the clothes line at night as I hunt for a late photo.

352|365 Breakdown – Of all the places a truck driver wants to break down and come to a complete stop. In the middle of the round-about is not one of them.