Days 338 to 343

338|365 Sydney – Awesome day with Kias and Tracey looking around Sydney. Picture of Karina and Tracey.

 339|365 Bondi Beach – Karina and I explore Sydney and end up at Bondi Beach. The sand is amazing.

 340|365 Married – Kias & Tracey Hafiz (with Hunter) just after their picturesque relaxed wedding in Sydney.

 341|365 Sydney – A picture of Sydney city from our Air NZ flight back to Auckland

 342|365 Inhaler – Been struggling to get my asthma under control all winter. Yes I do use a spacer…

344|365 Planning – Sent an hour by the water (Waikato River) working through the priorities for the next few days.

343|365 Akaroa – Had breakfast in Akaroa after a meeting. When I said to the lady in the coffee shop we where there for a meeting, she was mystified “a meeting? in Akaroa?”