Days 331 to 337

Way way over due for update of 365 photos. Here are days 331 to 337

331|365 Old School – Even driving into St Paul’s feels prestigious, feels old school, feels old money.

 332|365 Weeds – Sometimes love means weeding gardens without being asked.

 333|365 Miracles – Talia doing the dishes and smiling. A miracle? ☺

 334|365 Inboxes – Have learnt over the last year to have as few inboxes as possible and keeping them clear dramatically improves productivity.

335|365 Millennium Development Goals – Went to Auckland Uni to hear Helen Clarke talk on the UN MDGs. Quote of the day “If you have a world that suffers injustices as much as ours does, it cant be at peace with itself”. Her point we need to reduce injustice to get peace.

336|365 Red in the Morning – Shepherds warning, and yes it did rain!

337|365 Grandma – My Mum and Dad are over to look after the kids while we head to Sydney.