365 Project | Days 319 to 324

319 | 365 Torch Lighting
Every night at 6pm there was a torch lighting ceremony. 

320 | 365 – Tree of Life
The girls climb the Fijian Tree of Life. Talia is pictured up a coconut tree.

321 | 365 Path of Fire
Took this photo using a 15 second shutter speed. It is a photo of the torch bearer walking past our room towards the main area of the resort.

322 | 365 South Sea Island
Took the kids on a half day trip called "Finding Nemo" to south sea island. One very small island, and yet half a day was not long enough.

323 | 365 Last Sunset
Picture of the kids doing random poses as the sun sets on our last day in Fiji.

324 | 365 Boarding call
Making our way out to the plane to fly back to Auckland. Notice the kids all have jeans on in preparation for the New Zealand cold weather.