Project 365 – Days 311 to 317

311 | 365 Home made clothes
Karina has been hard at work making dress for herself and the girls before we head to Fiji. What a very talented and creative wife I have!

312 | 365 Dinner with the Grandparents
Dinner with Keith and Leonie. Youngest snuggle up on the floor and watch the cartoon network. My grandparents never had sky TV and the cartoon network. 

313 | 365 Pedestrian Crossing
On Holiday and the best I could come up with was a late afternoon photo of the pedestrian crossing.

314 | 365 Homework
"When I was growing up we had to research countless books to study". My kids have Wifi, Laptops and the internet. Jealous, I'm sure I would have been a heaps better student if I grew up now.

315 | 365 Packing
Suitcases packed, ready to get the family up at 3:45am to get going.

316 | 365 Fun in the Sun
Arrived in Nadi (29 degrees) and off to the Resort to check in and have a swin.

317 | 365 My Beautiful Girls
Karina and the girls (who are wearing the dresses Karina made them), while we wait for the Bula bus.