Project 365 – Days 304 to 310

304 | 365 – Express
Intresting that Express Goods trains need to slow to 70. Whats the point of them being express?

305 |365 Creative gatherings
Reminded creatively at Church about how our messiness and sin are forgiven, burnt up becuase of what Jesus has done for us.

306 | 365 Connected
Amazing how connected, electronically, our world is. 

307 | 365 Upside Down
Took this photo in the reflection of a puddle just as I left work. Turned it upside down for effect.

308 | 365 Parent teacher interviews
Three perfromance reviews, oops I mean Parent Teacher interviews in 45 mins. They all wemt really well.

309 | 365 Boycott 
Sometimes at the height of the BP oli spill, I thought I should stop buying petrol from them in protest. Like many times, I thought it was a good idea, but the convenience and habit meant I did nothing.

310 | 365 Last Day
Last day at work, left at 7:20pm, before 3 weeks leave. First time in 7 years I am having 3 weeks uninterupted leave.