239 |365 One great reason to fly Jetstar.

Day239.jpgThe old adage “you get what you pay” is true. I fly with Jetstar because they are really really cheap. There is simply no other good reason.
Case in point. I arrived at the airport 40 minutes before the flight to see it was delayed by 50 mins. The next time I look it’s a 1:20 delay. Then 20 mins later it’s a 1:50 delay.
Fearing I wouldn’t get to Christchurch in time for my flight home, I went to Air NZ website booked a flight that left in 40 mins and landed on-time in Christchurch 90 minutes after my planned time.
I looked later and the Jetstar flight I was booked on arrived 3 ½ hours late.
Service – Nil
Communication – Nil
Reliability – Nil
The lesson, if you are looking for one. When flying on Jetstar always book on the first flight of the day. They generally manage to get their planes back to the right places over night.
Will I fly Jetstar again? YES
My next flight to Christchurch is in two weeks. I booked a few months ago for $4 each way. We just booked Jim on the same flights for $35 dollars one way. The same flight to Christchurch on Air NZ, at the same time, $399 one way.