About Me

My mantra is “leading and living vividly”. I love the word vivid, it means “strikingly bright, full, fresh and distinct” and thats the kind of life I want to live.

I love life and people. I am one of those people who enjoy learning about people, reading people, sitting in café’s and just watching people. I also long to make a difference in other peoples life’s through leadership and evocative thinking.

My core strengths are futuristic, strategic, teaching, public speaking and leadership. 

My passions are God, poverty activism, business, social enterprise, photography, family, flying, reading and leadership.

I long to have a positive impact on the people with whom I share planet earth with.

I want to ‘be’. 

Name: Andrew Nicol

Location: Hamilton, NZ


Leading and Living Vividly


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Additional Blurb…


Social Entrepreneur

For most of the last 200 years enterprise, really capitialism has been about making money to line the pockets of the rich. It has been about the individual, not about the greater good.

Social Entrepreneurs make a difference in the world by using business to implement social change for good. I believe that the charitable model is changing, from a donation based model, to a business lead model, where profit’s, ideas, people and resource is invested into social change.

Social enterprise is an emerging field that has a lot of buzz to it, and not a lot of action. I am it’s student.


I believe in God!  Believing in God for me answers “why?” Why can I see beautiful colours and inhale hideous smells? Why can I reason and think? Why do I have feelings of immense pleasure, and intense pain? You see I could believe that we evolved from monkeys, but for some reason that doesn’t do it for me. We are too complex and well thought out, too intelligent, too well made, and too unique.

I also believe in this guy Jesus. I mean he isn’t a folk tale; he actually walked on this planet and did incredible things. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of these religious zealots that think they are more important than others, tell everyone what is wrong but do beggar all to fix it and live outwardly by a set of rules that they think should be forced on someone else. Jesus spoke out against people like this in his day. He basically said that we need to focus on “Justice, Mercy and Faithfulness”. If believing in God answers the “why?” believing in Jesus answers the “how?” How should I live my life!



I have the privilege of running a small company called Agoge Limited. We provide services to the logistics industry, but what really gets me going is what we are becoming as a company. Agoge means ‘being’. Many years ago a guy Paul while on his deathbed wrote a letter to his young apprentice Timothy and said, “You, however, know all about my teaching, my way of life, my purpose and faith”. The term ‘my way of life’ is the old Greek word Agoge. Paul knew it was more than just teaching, or having purpose or having faith. Paul knew he had lived all these things through his way of life. Through being! www.agoge.co.nz

Good Trust

Jim Grafas and I have founded the Good Trust. The good.trust is a charitable trust and social enterprise that aims to raise awareness for people in poverty, and to provide simple, practical ways to make a difference. The good.trust gives 100% of the money it receives away. This means that 100% of money given to the trust goes directly to projects. All of our administrative costs are covered by voluntary work or gifts in kind, or our social enterprises.

The good.trust is a collaborative organisation and relies on many people, doing a small part to make a huge difference. www.good.org.nz