179 | 365 – Hamilton 400 start line

Day179.jpg“Vibrant, diverse and thriving – Hamilton combines all the vigour and energy of a bustling city with a relaxed, easy lifestyle.” … Well at least that’s how the Hamilton City Council website describes it.

But wait there’s more… “From the majestic Waikato River to the spectacular Hamilton Gardens to lakes, walkways and golf courses – Hamilton provides the perfect environment for leisure.”

A perfect environment for leisure, are you kidding me? A walk in the park, is just not the same as slow walks down sun clad golden beaches. I’m a Tauranga boy at heart, there is no escaping it.
Never fear, V8’s are coming. The city is being turned into a racetrack for the annual Hamilton 400 street race.
[179 | 365 – Hamilton 400 start line – This is a shot I took as I drove down Mill Street]