Book Review: Switch

Day135.jpgAn elephant, a rider, and a path are the analogy of choice for the Heath brothers latest book, ‘Switch : How to change things, when change is hard.’
At first, the introduction of the elephant to describe the way that humans react emotionally and intelligently to change is somewhat of a stretch. But as the book pours through countless counter-intuitive examples of change, radical change, so too the elephant analogy takes hold.
It’s a book that provides real life examples of how to instigate change in your organisation. Even within yourself.
There are stories of Doctors who make the wrong decision because they 3 choices instead of 2. Teachers who radically change a pupil’s behaviour by putting a couch in the classroom. And loyalty cards with 2 free initial stamps on a 10 stamp card, verses no stamps on a 8 stamp card, and the 2 free stamps increase the return of the customer by 15%.
The picture of how tagged my book is says it all. I have heaps of notes to make and I will read it again within the next year or so.
If you’re a teacher, CEO, project manager, administrator, pastor, or a leader of any kind. Buy it, reflect on it, read it apply it!