$10 is not much, yet its a fortune!


A few years ago I was in Fiji and naively asked my taxi driver if he had been to New Zealand. His reply was gentle, as though he had been asked a thousand times. He simply said ‘I would love to travel, but I’m not sure we will ever afford it. Maybe one day we will save enough money’. It turns out on an average day he would earn somewhere between $10 and $15. *
So, what did you last spend 10 dollars on?
In fact, what can you really buy for $10 anyway? A coffee? Lunch?
If you only earned $10 for today’s work, how would you spend it? I would imagine you would spend significantly differently to the way you spent your last $10.
$10 dollars per day. To live on. To feed the family.
$10 dollars per day. That’s what 80% of the world’s population lives on. 5.3 billion people live on $10 per day or less.
$10 dollars.
That’s how much money we have started the Rich Trust. The equivalent of a days wages for 4 out of 5 people in the world.
Our aim is simple. To inspire the rich (that’s you) to enable the poor. That’s why we are called the Rich Trust. To remind us that we are rich.
So the next time you have a $10 note, remember how rich you are.
$10 is not much, yet it is a fortune.

To find out more, about the Rich Trust read our info page.
* My trip to Fiji was a in 2007 so things will have changed a little. It was $10 Fiji, which at the time was around $8 NZ.
** $10 per day is an estimate in US dollars. So really it is around NZ$12.80. Artistic license, as I couldn’t find a $12.80 dollar notes. ^
*** Written by Andrew Nicol (posted at Rich Trust http://www.rich.org.nz)